Hurricane Kit- Be Prepared for at Least 3 Days

With the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season winding down, now is a good time to make plans for you and your family to be prepared. This might seem counter-intuitive, however getting ready now will be one less thing to worry about should a storm arise, and you’ll be ahead of the pack come late spring 2013 when the new Hurricane Season begins. Plus, buying these supplies now will save you money, as once a storm in on the horizon prices tend to go up, as do the lines and you won’t have to run to multiple stores looking for that last pack of batteries or water.

This website, – greathurricaneblowout – is a Fantastic resource for you. Bookmark it now and use  all the available resources it has to offer to compose your Hurricane Kit.  It is really set up to get the whole family involved and covers many aspects of Hurricane and Disaster Preparedness that are often overlooked, and spending time now on getting your Hurricane Kit ready will pay off should a Storm arrive.

Build a Kit

Go there now to check out the link and start building your Huricane Survival Kit Today! -

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