Your State Government at Work – Really!

Sinkhole in Florida

There are some great resources that can be found via the State’s website.

This one is a treasure trove of information regarding Sinkholes.

How they are formed, where they are most likely to occur, how to make a claim with both the local authorities and your Insurance company and on and on.

There is no doubt that Sinkholes are a major reason that Homeowners Insurance rates have steadily risen in the past half decade.

This great State funded website can be a fantastic resource to help you discover more about these geologic calamities.

For more information on how Sinkholes can and have affected your Homeowners Insurance rates, contact me at or 561-293-2884 and I will be happy to discuss how to best insure your home in the State of Florida with or without Sinkhole coverage.

I can work with you and the Insurance Carriers that we represent at Triton Insurance Group to get you the best coverage possible at the lowest rates.

Keith Royle,

Triton Insurance Group