Don’t get stuck feeling Blue

Purchasing Insurance can be like going to the proverbial ‘Dentist’ or perhaps others might look at it with the same disdain as say shopping for a new car. It does not have to be that way, and with some simple steps I will try to guide you along the road to happy destiny – at least in regards to your Insurance needs.

First of all, I find it to be common practice to simply continue on with the same insurance company that you’ve had for years. They keep sending renewal notices (or bills) in the mail and we keep paying them.

This might certainly be convenient – but how can you be sure that you are properly covered and with rates that are competitive? Shopping online might be quick and easy, however I have found information to be lacking in the virtual world.

Many of my customers are surprised to find that Insurance does not need to be all that complicated, and a few minutes spent on the phone or in person with them can provide a whole new awareness and reduce the complexity of Auto Insurance.

First and foremost is to simply contact an Insurance professional, preferably an Independent Agent representing many different Insurance Companies so that your rates can be competitively shopped among many carriers.

In the past two weeks I reduced a Deerfield Beach families 2 car policy by $260 over six months while increasing their Property Damage Liability coverage by 50 thousand dollars. We have saved another gentleman in Port St. Lucie over $100 a month – a total of $1,219 per year on his Auto Insurance!

I can’t claim to do that all the time and for everybody, but you won’t know until you call- myself or another Independent Insurance Agent.

I’d be more than happy to spend a few minutes today reviewing your Auto Insurance coverage to look for ways to improve your current policy.

Keith Royle – Triton Insurance

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In further posts we’ll explore some Insurance Terms and coverages such as Uninsured Motorist and ‘Stacked’ vs. ‘Non-Stacked’ so keep checking back as this category populates with more posts.