Hurricane Kit – How To Prepare For A Storm

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A hurricane survival kit is much different from most survival kits for a few obvious reasons.

The first is that several survival kits are small since they’re meant to be portable and meant to be carried along with a person.

That’s actually not the case with a kit that is designed to manage hurricanes, in large part due to the anticipation of what scenario are you going to be in if you will need this sort of aid.

If you’re in a situation that needs this sort of a kit, it means you are probably stuck in a house or building that is boarded up and ready for the hurricane.

So the hurricane survival kits don’t have to be portable and concise for a wilderness survival situation, however they do need to have equipment that can find a stranded person provided and in good shape for a couple weeks even if there isn’t any running water and no electricity.

Never wait until the last minute to prepare your hurricane kit

With the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season here, now is a good time to make plans for you and your family to be prepared.

Although Hurricane Florence may dodge South Florida, being prepared now will be one less thing to worry about should the next storm arise, and you’ll be ahead of the pack or come late spring when the new hurricane season begins.

Plus, buying these supplies now will save you money, as once a storm in on the horizon prices tend to go up, as do the lines and you won’t have to run to multiple stores looking for that last pack of batteries or water.

This website: “” – is a Fantastic resource for you.

Bookmark it now and use all the available resources it has to offer to compose your Hurricane Kit.

It is really set up to get the whole family involved and covers many aspects of Hurricane and Disaster Preparedness that are often overlooked, and spending time now on getting your Hurricane Kit ready will pay off should a Storm arrive.

To go there now click on the link below or check out (Federal Alliance for Safe Homes) and start building your Hurricane Survival Kit Today!

If you are looking for more information on putting together a hurricane kit and preparing your home for a storm, contact the Florida Insurance Guy.