Hurricanes and Wind Mitigation

Wind Mitigation

wind mitigation

The best tips for Hurricane Wind Mitigation

This section will cover the power of Hurricanes and Gale Force Winds and how their effects can be minimized through careful Wind Mitigation steps.

Florida Insurance Companies are required by the Office of Insurance Regulation to present their customers policy discounts on premiums for particular Wind Mitigation improvements to their property.

If you are a Florida improved property owner then you’re possibly missing out on HUNDREDS & possibly THOUSANDS of dollars of savings on your yearly wind premiums!

Get better coverage with your wind mitigation with these tips

Insurance businesses that write in FL are required to comprehend submitted Wind Inspections by qualified personnel (Certified Building Code Inspector; Accredited General, Building, or Residential Contractor using a FL license under Section 489.111 of the FL Statutes; Expert FL Architect or FL Engineer) – and also give discounts based on one or more of those construction or mitigation attributes.

Many homeowners do not bother to get the inspection done because they believe their”older houses” don’t have some”upgrades”.

One or more of the aforementioned qualifying discounts can save yourself a property owner 5 to 82% in their wind insurance premium! Make sure you hire a proven professional that has completed numerous inspections and is qualified to complete the finish inspection form.

Hurricane rated shutters, types and styles of these shutters and how they are rated for effectiveness. Roof design and construction, roof coverings and door and opening protection will be discussed. Check back often for the latest posts and info.

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