Trampoline Insurance Terror! Well OK, it is not that bad…

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If you have ever watched a ‘funny home video’ show, then I am sure you have seen plenty of footage of people having mishaps on trampolines such as found here Trampoline Fails.

Trampolines are a lot of fun and I think all humans share in the joy of momentarily escaping gravity’s pull. Throw in some trick moves, a few friends and maybe some alcohol, and now we have elevated it to another (perhaps more menacing) level.

For the past few years, trampolines have been creeping onto the ‘not covered’ or ‘excluded’ list on many homeowners policies.

Does this mean that you have to get rid of your trampoline?

No, but you may want to check the language of your policy by calling your agent or looking at your policy jacket.

This might seem unfair, but when you look past your kids, or family and the potential for bodily injury and then consider your friends and neighbors, it might come more in focus. The summer backyard BBQ could turn pretty nasty when your slightly tipsy, 3 doors down neighbor falls off the trampoline and injures himself.

Once the ice packs and bandages come off, the biggest thing to fear is what might be coming in the mailbox in the form of a lawsuit.

For this reason the trampoline is on many Insurance Companies list of verboten items.

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