Aftermarket Accessories

Does your Automobile, SUV or Pick-up truck have aftermarket Wheels & Tires?

Did you add a custom Stereo, Navigation, or Entertainment System? Maybe an alarm was installed too? – The Alarm could save you some money on your premium.

However, the other ‘Bling’ items need to be added, or what Insurance Companies like to call ‘Endorsed’ into your policy.

Endorsement is a fancy word for amending or simply changing the policy language to include such high ticket items.

If you spent thousands of dollars improving the sound, ride or look of your vehicle and want to be properly compensated should a covered loss event occurs, please check with your Insurance Agent and ask how they can be added into your policy.

Endorsing such items is quick, and usually will only cost you a few dollars a month to add into your policy. Doing it now will save you the heartache of finding out that those upgrades were not covered in the basic policy language.