Ethics and Insurance

ethical home insurance

This past week Tom Hanks and his wife filed suit against their former Insurance agent as reported here on TMZ

Apparently, their long time agent has been accused of over charging them and insuring for the same things multiple times.
I suppose this is why the State of Florida requires all Property & Casualty licensed agents to complete multiple hours of Ethics classes for the required continuing education credits.

Finding a good agent that you can trust is important and myself and the staff at Triton Insurance Group are here to serve you and have your best interests at heart. I have found that the best way to build a lasting relationship with my customers is to gain your trust by offering solid advice and good insurance policies for a fair price.

Selecting insurance does not end the story, but finding the best deal for insurance is equally required. Here are a couple of tips that may be adopted to decrease the premium which you have to pay for your insurance.

There are a few insurance companies which provide discounted premium prices.

Hence insuring more vehicles lets you avail 20-25% reduction on the premium paid.

A few of the insurance firms also provide discounts for possessing third-party insurance coverage.

These are a number of straightforward measures and ethical criteria which may be followed to avail discounted premium rates for the insurance that you need.

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