Hurricane Preparedness

hurricane preparedness

What is the best way for Hurricane Preparedness?

Do you think you will ever attain the best level of hurricane preparedness?

You might think that you must turn to your local authority to let you know what to do, or to go to your supermarket to get that ridiculous checklist at the beginning of every season.

The truth is that no matter what we’re told to do, the majority of us are blase about the potential risks associated.

It’s sad to realize that you can only really attain a meaningful level of hurricane preparedness when you have had a direct encounter with these cyclones.

Many might think this is a controversial statement, but if you talk to people who have lived through hurricanes and tropical storms, they will tell you that they have a very different outlook now and will never ignore any warnings going forward.

Here are some brilliant ways for hurricane preparedness

There are many resources and places to find tips for keeping you, your family and your belongings safe during this hurricane preparednessHurricane Season.
The Sun-Sentinel newspaper had a good basic list of items to have on hand to be ready for a pending storm. Find the list here.

In my research and personal experience I have found a few other items that can make your preparations even easier.

For keeping fresh water on hand, it is hard to beat the Water B.O.B.

This easy to store item fits into any standard bathtub and becomes and instant resource for fresh water.

Simply place in your tub and fill, then use the supplied pump to get access to this water as you need.

Great idea and at an affordable cost. I have one in my house and gave my mother a spare.

Flashlights – you can never have enough and this site is loaded with low cost AA, AAA and CR-123 powered high intensity flashlights that are super affordable and easy to store.

I prefer the AA style lights, as these batteries are easy to find and store. I keep one in each car, and carry a spare in my laptop bag so that I am never without light. You’d be amazed at how bright these are and I have used them many times when a power outage happened.

They are great for hiking too!

Stay tuned for more great tips on how to make yourself ready for the upcoming Hurricane Season.